Photo Friday: International Folk Art Market

International Folk Art Market

Photo: Teresa Bitler

Last week, I promised to post a picture of me in the beekeeper outfit I wore to visit the bees at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. When I went to pull up the photo this morning, I realized it wasn’t the best picture. So instead, I’ve posted a photo I took last July at the International Folk Art Market. (If you really want to see the beekeeper photo, it’s at the bottom of this post.)

This year, the International Folk Market will be held July 11-13 on Museum Hill in front of the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. More than 150 master folk artists from more than 60 countries will display their crafts at the 3-day event. I love the event because not only can you find some reasonably-priced items (starting from $10) but nearly all the profits return with the artists to their communities where the money is used to change lives by building homes and schools, funding hospitals, paying for college educations and more.

In this photo, Mariano Valdez of Mexico embroiders a traditional Mexican design.

Okay, here it is…the beekeeper photograph…


Photo: Teresa Bitler